First LIVE Stream… 4.6.20

In this time of deep political and social unrest and pain, I decided to put a set together in the form of a 30 minute, ‘Words and Music’ a meditation on the theme ‘GRIEF AND HOPE’. Sitting in the key of A to hold this stream of thought, I chose some stunning folk tunes from Sweden that I’ve been working on during lockdown from Erik Rydvall (Nickellharpe player) and some old favourite pieces / tunes from friends Feargus Heatherington, Badinage ensemble, Alehouse Sessions and Fra Fee. Folk and Baroque seem so close as genres anyway, but with four texts to tie it altogether, it feels even more natural as a medium, with the text illuminating the music and visa versa. It has also been a great joy to sing and improvise again and I look forward to developing this more in the coming months.

Ollie Mansfield’s series ‘FRONT ROOM CONCERTS’ on Facebook seemed like a great platform for what I wanted to achieve. I threw open the doors and windows and told a few neighbours to listen outside if they strictly socially distanced. The seagulls even joined in.

Here are some of the scenes… and to hear the set, go to my Listen page!

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