Laboratory of Gesture and Sound

‘We do not understand music, it understands us’. Adorno

Since I first started walking, hearing and making sounds, I found that music and movement were inextricably linked. I grew up influenced by the progressive ideas of movement and expression from thinkers including Jacques Dalcroze, Rudolf Laban and Gabrielle Roth, whilst also learning through musical traditions from all walks of life. I often asked myself: why is music usually explained in words when in fact, it is fundamentally movement?  

I propose to reimagine the way classical music is conceived, created, prepared and presented. Movement activities such as yoga, pilates and swing dancing are practiced increasingly by professional musicians but often divorced from the music or practice itself. In unprecedented times, it is a golden opportunity to break the mould, move beyond the safe boundaries of classical music, to capture the imagination and find fresh ways to express ourselves. 

‘LOGAS 2021’ will launch next year. I hope that it will stimulate the interface between music and movement and facilitate new insights to existing repertoire, contribute new work, methods and formats, and inspire others to work with freedom whilst also promoting well-being during the pandemic and beyond. 

Coming soon …

Exploring live music through movement

Rehearsing in innovative ways

Creating new compositions out of movement

‘Openness, passion, dynamism, a holistic approach inspired and informed by her studies in Dalcroze and mime, generosity and collegiality – these would be qualities of enormous value to the profession on their own.’

Thomas Guthrie, opera director, musician

Coming soon in 2021..