'Creative, sparky, bright, lithe and full of curiosity, she is outward-looking, and fired up with ideas of how to integrate mind, body and spirit, bringing life and relevance into her music-making. She has the skills to cross musical barriers and frontiers, having experience of many genres. She is constantly on the hunt for new ways of enhancing her own expertise, so that she can share it, doing so with great generosity and imagination. She gives hope for the future.'

Jean Paterson, English Touring Opera

Since her childhood, Naomi has grown up with the notion that music and movement are inextricably linked and that the merit of using one to explore the other can be extremely fruitful from babies to professionals. She became a qualified Dalcroze practitioner in 2016 and teaches for the Junior Guildhall and Pro Corda String Training and SEND programmes. In 2011 she explored the ‘Grosse Fuge’ by Beethoven in movement at the Royal Academy of Music gaining a distinction for her endeavours. She will take this research further with David Watkin and his students at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2021.  This is part of her new research programme called ‘LOGAS’, the ‘Laboratory of Gesture and Sound’ which integrates her interest in early music and Dalcroze. There is a DVD of the Grosse Fuge Project (with the Borromini Quartet) available. Email Naomi at:

Naomi also leads creative workshops for schools and communities which have singing, song-writing, improvising, composition, theatre and/or movement based elements.  She gained a deeper insight into the Animateur / workshop leader world through the inspirational training she received at Spitalfields Music on their core training programme from 2014-15.  This included a huge range of experiences from leading early years to vulnerable adults in a wide variety of settings.

She has worked for the following organisations:

  • Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama
  • Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance 
  • Pro Corda International Chamber Music Academy
  • Spitalfields Music
  • London Music Masters
  • Common and Kind
  • Choir with no name
  • Streetwise Opera
  • Royal Opera House
  • Creative Futures
  • Arts First

And with orchestral Education/Outreach programmes:
English Touring Opera, Academy of Ancient Music, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Britten Sinfonia
London Chamber orchestra, City of London Sinfonia and Glyndebourne Opera.

Naomi has a very engaging manner with children of all ages and abilities. She has a very natural way of expressing ideas and allowing children to discover things for themselves. She has highly imaginative ideas to offer and a very progressive attitude to teaching.

Andrew Quartermain, CEO and Artistic Director, Pro Corda

Naomi brought such an infectious enthusiasm to this project, and her violin skills came in especially handy when leading a group of 30 children to compose a piece with violins and cellos! Naomi’s willingness to lead as well as support, and her fearlessness coupled with her obvious musicality , make her an outstanding leader, and great co-worker!  

Abimaro Gunnell, Workshop Leader – Spitalfields Music

Naomi taught my three children violin for several years. She was always incredibly friendly, encouraging and enthusiastic. She challenged them to develop their musical skills and develop a broad interest and repertoire, whilst always making learning a pleasure by imaginatively finding different ways to encourage their learning.    

Saran Feldman, Parent 

Naomi has a unique and holistic approach to coaching music, employing a host of ice-breaking techniques, which include physical and vocal warm ups.  They energised, loosened me and released tension. I felt I played in a relaxed way and did not feel tired after rehearsing. Naomi also kept to the schedule well and covered everything that had been planned for the session.   

Viola player and Orchestra Committee Member, Orchestra of the 3rd Age 

It was amazing!!! Naomi helped us so much that when it was LAMP everybody cheered and whistled.  Thank you Naomi and Jacopo I will always remember that day on. Thank you. 

Year 4 Pupil Song Writing Project (City of London Sinfonia)

Naomi is nice and helpful.  Naomi helped us sing our song, Jacopo played the piano.  We loved singing ‘20p machine’ – I am obsessed with 20p machine. You are brilliant!!! Jacopo was amazing at the piano: You are amazing at singing.  The LAMP production was amazing!!! Thank you!  

Year 3 Pupil

‘From Seed to Full Bloom’ – Song-writing Project with City of London Sinfonia 

I liken my experience of working with Naomi to this title. Naomi answered my prayers… her support and enthusiasm was magnificent. She returned with ideas that the children had to listen to and make their choices for their new compositions. Which music? Which speed? All through this project the children were made to feel ownership – which was vital. So many children’s school experiences had been enhanced by this… we did have all 300 children taking part. I fully support Naomi and would recommend her to any wanting to embark on such a musical journey. Even now I meet children and parents and they talk about this experience. Memories they will hold for their lives. The flower has gone but the memories-never fade.  

Primary School Headteacher, Elaine Aldrich