News… 26.4.18

I am thrilled to announce I will be concert master for English Touring Opera this autumn including Handel’s Radimisto, directed by Peter Whelan.

A new venture is mentoring tutors for the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama which is giving me the opportunity to reflect upon good pedagogical methodology in Dalcroze and Kodaly.

Next week I will be exploring Arianna in Naxos with Rachel Stroud, Zephyr Bruggen and the Rites Ensemble in Cambridge… think: strings connecting the streets, modern and baroque instruments, improv, Monteverdi, all in the Round Church on Sunday 6th May at 8 and 10pm. #nosocialmedia so watch this space!

A big new project coming soon called ‘LOGAS’ .. all to be revealed in due course.

Some highlights from 2018 so far:

It was wonderful to play Handel’s Teseo at the London Handel Festival with La Nuova Music recently and see up-and-coming talent from Royal Academy of Music.. they did a stonking job!  Look out for Gluck’s Orfeo with La Nuova Music next month featuring Iestyn Davies and Mary Bevan.

A great challenge but with extraordinary rewards was learning a whole Purcell programme from memory for a new project with Bjarte Eike & Barokksolistene, ‘Purcell’s Playground’ in Norway.  We tried it out at a church in Gran and will be developing and touring it this year including to the St. Magnus Festival, Orkney on June 25th.  Working with Steven Player was a particular highlight..

I am thrilled to be leading some workshops with the Luton Roma Trust and World Beaters in Luton.  This is alongside my father who has worked intensively with the Roma community for the best part of the last 20 years. First stop will be performing in a care home on May 16th!

In February and March, alongside my playing work I decided to squeeze in a side-ways step… to explore MIME – as in, Etienne Decroux style – and where else? But in Paris of course! This was a demanding experience and I look forward to sharing my reflections in due course.  Many thanks to the Ann Driver trust for helping me to fund this.

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